Tonota - St. Bridget Catholic Mission
The Independent Mission was established in 1984.

Priest in charge: Fr. Thomas Nelluvely, svd
Born: 1932 in India
Ordained: 1960 in India
Arrived in Botswana: 1982

Telephone: (+267) 24 84 285
Mobile phone: (+267)
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Bro. Silas Tumly, svd
Born: 1947 in the Philippines
Final vows: 1973 in Philippines
Arrived in Botswana: 1983
Died: 9th February 2012 in Fracistown in Botswana
Picture of Bro. Silas take during our family feast in Francistown, on the 17th January 2012.
Soon after that Bro. Silas got ill and was taken to hospital.