Tonota - St. Arnold School
Priest in charge: Fr. Thomas Nelluvely, svd
Born: 1932 in India
Ordained: 1960 in India
Arrived in Botswana: 1982

Telephone: (+267) 24 84 285
Mobile phone: (+267)
Bro. Silas Tumly, svd
Born: 1947 in Philippines
Final vows: 1973 in Philippines
Arrived in Botswana: 1983

Telephone: (+267) 24 84 285
Mobile phone: (+267) 72 732 333
The information on the school project is being prepared. Please, visit this page after few weeks for more info. Thanks.
Happy children - students - there is no better way to express the joy than a traditional dance.
They know a lot about their patron St. Arnold Jannsen - perhaps vocations will be born here.
12 February 2010
The Official Blessing
of the School
Bishop Boniface was a guest of honour. He was very happy to bless the school and to witnes yet another important step in the missionary development of the Church in Botswana.
The students prepared a very interesting program about St. Arnold - by heart!.
And of course nobody was as happy as Fr. Thomas himself, almost radiating the tremendous joy.

Congratulations Thomas for a fantastic job done.

And we wish you success in the difficult task of completing your dream, that became our dream,
and now is becoming our reality.
May God bless this school. St. Arnold - pray for us.