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Zambia District
Zambia was one of the richest and most industrialized countries in Africa at the time of independence. However, gross mismanagement and wrong policies have reduced it to one of the poorest on the continent.
Zambia is here
Missions, Parishes, Ministries:
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Invited by Bp Raymond Mpezele, Bishop of Livingstone Diocese, the Divine Word Missionaries first arrived in Zambia in 1986. At that time, Mukuni was offered to us to make it a parish. Mukuni is a village, where the Chief of Toka-Leya people lives. It is a very especial place: small but rich culturally. Chief Mukuni, a Catholic man, has been very helpful to the SVD and the church as a whole.

From Mukuni, the Congregation went to Dambwa, Sesheke, Sichili and later to Mwandi (another place, where the Chief for the Lozi people stays).
In the Diocese of Livingstone  we are involved in two language groups: Tonga and Lozi.

In order to have our formation house in Kabwe, Archdiocese of Lusaka, the Congregation was asked to take up a parish work there too. Chindwin became our first mission. And now Mukobeko parish is also under our care. The language spoken in this area is called Bemba, the same one spoken on the Northern, Luapula, Coperbelt Provinces of Zambia. And for the Congregation, it is our third language in the country.

The language is for the Zambia district one of our biggest challenges and difficulties too. However, taking in consideration that Zambia has 73 languages, we are doing fine even though.
ZAMBIA - basic facts
Population: 10.300.000
Area: 752.000 km2
Currency: Kwacha
Catholics: 24%

Income: mining, tourism
Languages: 73
Tribes: Lozi, Bemba, many other
Divine Word Missionaries working in Zambia District:

Livingstone - District House of the Divine Word Missionaries

Fr. Grzech Marek Stanislaw - on treatment and sabbatical year in Europe
Fr. Janowski Roman
Fr. Sledz Piotr - praeses of the house ???

Dambwa - St. Francis Catholic Church

Fr. Naduville Chennamkulam Mathew Louis - priest in charge
Fr. D'Souza Rajesh Praveen

Mwandi - St. Arnold Janssen Catholic Mission

Fr. Amaunut Klemens - priest in charge, member of the Provincial Council
Fr. Natun Wendefredus Fatunisuan

Kabwe - SVD Postulancy House

Fr. Mappoore Biju George - formator of postulants, District Superior
Fr. Lauricio Frederic II

Lusaka - SVD Philosophy House

Bro. Babu Albertus Eban
Fr. Szypula Wojciech - formator ????
Fr. Villasante Alejandro - praefect of philosophy

Lusaka - Parish

Fr. Jacek Gniadek

Chindwin - St. Charles Lwanga Parish

Fr. Allah Kwadwo Francis
Fr. Likulano Lawrence Mbapolo - presently on studies in Kenia
Fr. Smaglijenko Pawel

Mukobeko - Our Lady of the Holy RosarFry Parish

Fr. Saco Alberto
Zambia District Superior: Fr. Biju Mappoore, SVD
Members of the District Council: Fr. NNNNN, SVD and Fr. NNNN, SVD
National animal: Fish Eagle
Zambia has had a multiparty democracy for the past ten years, yet freedom and democracy have not contributed to an improvement of people's lives. Life expectancy stands at 38 years.
Corruption, rising food prices, poor value for the currency, poor health care and educational facilities, an increase of crime, and poor roads and transportation have become great burdens for the people.