197519th October. World Mission Sunday; Arnold Janssen's beatification in Rome together with
Father Joseph Freinademetz (one of first two SVD's China missionaries)

1981Mission in Botswana.

1986Mission in Zambia

1987Mission in Zimbabwe

199913th June. Beatification of four SVD Polish martyrs

2001Mission in South Africa

20026070 SVD missionaries working in 69 countries

200218th October. Opening svdbotswana.com  

20035th October. Arnold Janssen's canonization in Rome together with Father Joseph Freinademetz

2008Zimbabwe becomes independent Mission - future Province

20096131 SVD missionaries in more than 70 countries

200924th October. Opening of www.svdbotswana.org

20143rd June. Zambia becomes independent Mission - future Province
Divine Word Missionaries - SVD - Botswana Province
About the Society of the Divine Word
May the Heart of Jesus live in the hearts of all people. Saint Arnold Janssen SVD
18375th November. Arnold Janssen born in Goch (Germany) 
1857Natural Science Studies in Bonn 
186115th August. Ordained Priest in the Cathedral of Munster
1861Teacher in Bocholt 
1867Director, Apostleship of Prayer, Diocese of Munster 
1873Chaplain, Ursuline Sister (Kempen) 
1874Publication: Little Messenger of the Sacred Heart 
1874Meeting with Bishop Raimondi, Apostolic Vicar of Hong
Kong at Neuwerk near Monchengladbach
First Mission Seminary, Steyl, 1875
Mission Seminary, Steyl, 1900
18758th September. Founding of St. Michael Mission Seminary, Steyl, Holland 
1879First two missionaries going to China 
1889Foundation of the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit 
1889Mission in Argentina 
1892Mission in Togo 
1893Mission in Ecuador 
1895Mission in Brazil 
1896Foundation of the Sisters Servants oh the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration 
1896Mission in Papua New Guinea 
1900Mission in Chile 
1905Black Apostolate in the United States 
1906Scientific journal "Anthropos", founded by father Wilhelm Schmidt (ethnology and linguistics)  
1907Mission in Japan 
190915th January. Arnold Janssen's died in Steyl
St. Joseph Freinademetz, SVD
How this seminary has grown internally and externally! At that time, it could still be compared to a small, insignificant mustard seed. Year after year it has enlarged its quarters, and the number of its own members has grown. If today 89 people - of which 10 are priest and 48 students - are living within its walls, its success is due to Him from Whom all good things come and in whom is every blessing and perfection.
Arnold Janssen, March 1879, less than four years after founding of the mission seminary.
St. Arnold Jannsen, SVD
Founder of the SVD
The Divine Word Missionaries, also known as SVDs (from Latin: Societas Verbi Divini) are members of the Society of the Divine Word. They are an international order of Roman Catholic brothers, priests and seminarians numbering 6,131 members (2009), working in more than 75 countries. Members usually live in multicultural communities reflecting their rich ethnic diversity.
The SVD missionaries work primarily where the Gospel has not been preached at all, or only insufficiently, and where the local Church is not yet viable on its own. The SVD's membership reflects the international nature of the congregation and representative of the areas of the world they serve. The SVD missionaries serve according to the needs of the local Church and the particular expertise they bring to the task.
Blessed Polish SVD martyrs - murdered in the German concentration camps.
Fr. General
Heinz Kuluke
General Council members:
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